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DescriptionNumber: 2018-21 - Title: Supply Clerk (data entry)
Open03/11/2018 to 03/25/2018
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All Resumes/C.V.s should be formatted to match the job announcement.(See the sample) The sample format is our preferred format and should never be longer that two pages but one page is better. This greatly speeds up the qualification review process and helps show us that you meet all of the qualification listed in the job announcement. In other words, list your qualifications in the same order at listed on the job announcement or provide a cover letter that provides this information. We will look at all applications received but this will help us recognize your unique qualifications. Using the e-recruitment system , you can copy and paste your resume into the application form in the box labeled as “Application Notes” it will appear to us in this format.

Cover letters enhance your application and can show off your writing skills. Cover letters should be no more than one page in length and should tell us a little about you, list your qualifications for the position and show us why you are the best qualified for the position. Writing about the requirements for the job and how you meet them can be very helpful in the review process.
By completing and submitting the on-line Application Form, candidates tacitly authorize the Office of Human Resources to use the bio-graphical and demographic information therein contained for recruitment purposes only. No other use will be made of such information. Information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Candidates are held fully responsible for the content of their Application Form. Candidates hereafter understand and agree that information is to be provided to the best of their knowledge, in a trustworthy, accurate and consistent manner. Candidates also understand that any false statement will result in the exclusion from the selection process.

Candidates understand that the Office of Human Resources will not be able to store the Passwords provided thru the automatically generated e-mail and agree to be the sole responsible for their upkeep. Candidates understand that Passwords will only be active until the Closing Date of the Vacancy Announcement they have been generated for, and will nonetheless expire once the Application Form is submitted.

Candidates are also aware that uncompleted applications, applications saved but NOT submitted, will NOT be considered for employment.

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